Installation on Dune HD

The work of the portal is possible on Dune HD media players with support for browser plugins. These include all players from the model TV-101 and released later (for example: TV-101, TV-102, TV-204, TV-301, TV-303D, Dune HD Connect, Dune HD Base 3D). Before installing the plugin, make sure That your player supports browser plugins. New models on Android will not work with our portal. For them, we have a playlist and apps for Android.

And then you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Download the plugin (zip archive) and save it to your computer or to an external drive (USB flash drive or external hard drive).
  2. If the plugin was saved on your computer, copy it to an external drive.
    Please note: the archive does not need to be unpacked! There must be one file on the external drive!
  3. Disconnect the external drive from the computer and insert the Dune HD into the set-top box.
  4. In the media player menu under ” Sources»
  5. 0_bb3ae_2b87360c_L.png
    Select “USB drive” and open its contents by pressing ” ENTER»

    1) if the USB drive does not appear, try unplugging and reconnecting it.
    2) if clicking on the USB drive opens a message that the file system is not recognized, then use another external media or format this one. Be careful: formatting completely removes all data from the drive including the plugin itself.

    Find the previously downloaded dune_plugin_portal plugin on Your USB drive.just select it and press “ENTER”. This action starts the installation of the plugin on your console. A message will appear when the installation is complete

    Now by going to the “TV” section and selecting the plugin “Dune_Plugin_FoxTVinfo” You will be able to evaluate the work of the demo version of the portal.

    To get full access, pay for the service here “Connect and pay



If You are not working the films in the film library

Perhaps You just do not have the necessary codecs installed.
What needs to be done:
1)Download the installer 
2) Copy to flash drive
3) Through the DUNE menu navigate to the file and press ENTER.
4) The installation is complete

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